Solo un ragazzo


“He felt like the whole world had held its breath for twenty years, and that only that night had it started to breathe again

Solo un ragazzo

An apparently lucky family. A father, a teacher, who has always to do with young people. A mother, a nurse, who is used to taking care of others. They have two daughters and wish for a son, who eventually arrives. Everything is so fine, or so it seems.
But while this son, apparently nameless, good, kind yet elusive, hidden in his hoodie, is going through the dark age of adolescence, he starts committing increasingly serious offenses.
In his refuge, a cabin among the trees, he seems to lead a secret life. He likes to be on his own, nothing else, after all he is just a boy. Or isn’t he? A summer night in 1989 will make this, the only question in need of an answer.

“Just a boy” was released in Italy in 2020 and  will be published in UK and France in 2022.

Elena Varvello had the bravery to go inside the greatest pain, the one without escape.

Annalena Benini in Il Foglio

As for Elizabeth Strout, who shares with her a perfect writing… Elena Varvello is not interested in happy families stories either.

Elena Masuelli in Tuttolibri, La Stampa

Elena Varvello leads us into the dark side of Suburban life and makes us live and flutter inside the emotions of a boy.

Giuseppe Lorenti in Venerdì di Repubblica

The craftiness in the narrative construction, the beauty of characters, the admirable dryness in telling the strongest pain imaginable. I am moved.

Rosella Postorino in Elle

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