L’economia delle cose


“I looked out, towards the garden. I stared at the darkness. I had the feeling that all of us were under threat,  and would be for a long time.

L'economia delle cose

A man disappears while his wife is out shopping. A mother watches helplessly as the sleigh holding her son speeds downhill. An elderly couple feels threatened by an armed man, who may or may not be real. An overweight young girl faces love, only to discover violence.
In each of the short stories collected in L’economia delle cose (The Economy of Things), the unexpected bursts into the lives of adults, teenagers, children. A different shape for each of them, and only some will survive, and be able to cross the threshold, to reach the other side.

2008, pp 178, isbn: 978-8860441010
Cover: Edo Bertoglio © 1976 | Progetto Grafico: Studio Jellici

Nominated for the Premio strega, winner of the Settembrini Award and the Bagutta Opera Prima Award.


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L’economia delle cose